About Us


I am a Ridgewood-based herbalist with a desire to make well-made herbal products and knowledge available to the neighborhood I love so much. Hence, this online shop!

I grew up in a family of people who love nature, scientifically or otherwise, and was exposed to using plant-based medicine when I was young. I am self-taught and community-informed, and have had the pleasure of learning from truly talented herbalists over the years.

With Flora Posidonia, I hope to make both affordable remedies more widely available, as well as educational resources about plant-based medicine.

I am currently planning an herbalism curriculum, which will be free to attend, and will be held somewhere in the neighborhood, most likely on a monthly basis. The hope is build out a freely available and community built resource for herbalism / plant-based medicine so that all of us can learn together. Check back here for news on that!

A brief note: I do not consider myself a naturopath, and make that distinction only because I do not tend to do deep consultations, nor do I make prescriptions. The things I offer are of my own design and suggestion and should not be taken as be-all end-all cures or prescriptions.